Motivate and enable your colleagues for your sustainability goals with ease

Unite your colleagues behind your sustainability goals in a joyful and long-lasting way.

Bottom-up, transforming large strategic goals into small, joint steps. With a variety of topics ranging from customer communication to mobility to department-specific content.

Role-based sustainability becomes the norm with an app for sustainability leaders.

Sustainable innovation beyond traditional approaches

Unlike traditional top-down communication tools, Leafact empowers every employee to participate and propagate, fostering a culture of inclusivity and co-determination.

Leafact seamlessly incorporates your existing sustainability portfolio into the program, ensuring that company-specific themes are addressed and promoted.

Our platform is designed to engage not just the already convinced but to also invite and educate those less familiar with sustainability practices, facilitating widespread behavioral change.

We emphasize collaboration and collective action, encouraging teams to work together towards common sustainability goals, reinforcing unity and shared purpose.

Our dedication goes beyond the superficial; with tools like the Greenwashing Quiz, we ensure that our partners are genuinely contributing to sustainability, moving past mere CO2 footprint considerations to a broader environmental impact or "Handprint."

Leafact is not just about implementing sustainability initiatives; it's about fostering a significant shift in corporate culture, promoting a deeper, long-lasting commitment to environmental responsibility and awareness.

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You can already take a look at our app, we support you in applying it to your sustainability goals.

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Impressions of a project

In the variety of topics ranging from mobility to the development and application of individually relevant sustainability skills, we reach up to 60% of actively engaged employees in large departments who continuously develop their skills on a weekly basis.

The challenges lead to an up to 10-fold increase in employee engagement. And 96% of users recommend the approach to others.

Continued use by partners over the entire annual cycle increases the sustainable value and impact of the programme. It is particularly noteworthy that 30% of users have changed their behaviour in the long term as a result of their use.


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About Us

We understand the specifics of sustainability strategy in large companies and the challenges of aligning all employees with these goals. This is why we founded Leafact - to transform sustainable corporate goals into shared missions.

Our solutions are adaptable across various sectors, ensuring flexibility and relevance no matter your industry.

Leafact is a proud winner of the Siemens Mendix Challenge and has completed the Munich Global Impact Sprint, the SCE Accelerator Programme and the BayStartup business plan competition.

94% of Leafact users recommend our platform based on the positive experience and satisfaction of our customers. We are 100% focused on helping you achieve your sustainability goals by ensuring that every action is aligned with your sustainable vision.

We have experience in the areas of strategic sustainability in companies, citizen participation, app development, data analysis, AI models, user experience and visual communication.

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